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Dr. Dario Adolfi

Treatment Planning for Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Lecture Description: 

The success of an esthetic rehabilitation depends on the dental team’s knowledge of the biologic considerations related to teeth and implants as well as the communication maintained between the prosthodontist, oral surgeon, and dental technician.

In the case of full-mouth rehabilitation, a suitable restorative protocol is crucial, and a logical sequence must be followed to optimize the treatment.

This lecture will describe all clinical and laboratory steps for a functional and esthetic protocol for full-mouth rehabilitation that promotes together with CAD/CAM technology predictable outcomes.

  • How clinical and laboratory steps for a functional and esthetic protocol for full-mouth rehabilitation promotes predictable outcomes.
  • How the success of a full rehabilitation will depend directly on the high quality of provisional restorations.
  • How CAD/CAM technology provide the combined advantages of strength and esthetics.
About presenter: 

Dr. Dario Adolfi received his D.D.S. at University of São Paulo in 1979. He is a Dental Technician and large experience in ceramic field. He is the director of Spazio Education in São Paulo, adviser for ceramics companies. Dr. Adolfi has published extensively many articles and author of book Natural Esthetics in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Russian published by Quintessence International. Lecturer, practical courses and hands on demonstration in Asia, Europe, Australia, South America and United States.