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Dr. Richard Price

Appropriate light curing: A vital step to a successful restoration

Lecture Description: 

The dental curing light has become an essential part of every dental office and yet many dental professionals have received little training how to use or choose a curing light. This presentation will provide an insight into how you can improve your bond strength results, color stability of your restorations, and the properties of your light cured resin restorations.

  • Understand how inadequate light curing adversely affects the bond strength, color stability, and the properties of your light cured resin restorations.
  • Understand why the commonly used single irradiance number from a curing light is meaningless.
  • Understand the potential for eye damage from dental curing lights.
  • Describe clinical techniques that will contribute to successful light curing of your resins.
About presenter: 

Dr. Richard Price BDS, DDS, MS, FRCD(C), FDS (Edin), PhD received his BDS from the University of London in 1979 and his DDS from Dalhousie’s Faculty of Dentistry in 1988. He completed his MS in Restorative Dentistry at the University of Michigan in 1984 and his PhD at the University of Malmö, Sweden in 2001. Dr. Price runs the Advanced Restorative Elective for the Fourth Year Dental Students and also works as a Prosthodontist in the Faculty of Dentistry practice at Dalhousie University. Dr. Price is the inventor of the MARC system for teaching effective light curing and is actively involved in research on dental resins and dental curing lights. He has made numerous CDE presentations and has also been author of more than 80 peer-reviewed articles. Recently he organized a symposium on Light Curing in Dentistry at Dalhousie University that was attended by over 40 Key Opinion Leaders.