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2017 CDT Competitions

New opportunities for laboratory technicians: funding, recognition & continuing education

SCAD is conducting two competitions for excellence in dental technology in 2017:

The “Larsen-Chu Award” competition is open to junior dental technicians who have less than 10 years in practice. For details view Larsen-Chu Award Application Form and Larsen-Chu Award Tooth Pictures.

Download Larsen-Chu award application

The “Virtuoso Award” competition is open to dental technicians with more than 10 years in practice. For details view Virtuoso Award Application Form and Virtuoso Award Tooth Pictures.

Download Virtuoso award application

Applicants will have to duplicate one natural tooth based on pictures posted here. It can be done on a die or fabricated solid (root is optional), complete the application form and send JPG images of their work.

The CDT Award Committee, Chaired by Aki Yoshida, RDT, will review the submissions and send acceptance/rejection notice to all applicants.

Authors of accepted submissions must attend the annual meeting, and display their work.

Submission deadline: Sep 15, 2017

2015 CDT Award Recipients

Mr. Aki Yoshida, Chair of the 2016 CDT Award Committee, Dr. Dan Nathanson, SCAD President (2014-2016), and the 2016 CDT Award recipients: Mr. Winnie Tsai (Larsen-Chu award winner) and Mr. Hiroaki Tada (Virtuoso award winner).