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SCAD 2017 Scientific Program

Thursday, Oct 12

1:00-6:00 Color Matching Curriculum
6:30-7:30 SCAD Executive Board Meeting
7:30-9:00 Welcome Reception

  Friday, Oct 13

8:00-8:15 Opening Ceremony
8:15-9:45 Pascal Magne & Michel Magne Bonded porcelain restorations in the anterior dentition: An update
9:50-10:30 Break, Poster viewing, CDT competitor viewing
10:30-11:30 Victor Clavijo & Murilo Calgaro Challenges with anterior single units – Decision-making for customizing soft tissue and color
11:35-12:05 Robert Gerlach Reconsidering the role of light: Integrated evidence on one light-based approach for whitening
12:05-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:30 Corky Willhite Transitional bonding: Non-traditional composite restorations for major occlusal and esthetic changes
1:35-2:05 Rodrigo Rocha Maia Observing nature and understanding light propagation in dental tissues and composites
2:10-2:40 Christopher Orr Predicting aesthetic performance of composite resins from laboratory data
2:40-3:05 Break, Poster viewing, CDT Competitor viewing
3:05-3:35 Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian Increase dental happiness - More patients better shades & improved aesthetics
3:40-4:10 Cherilyn Sheets Evolving concepts forintegrating esthetics and structural integrity in clinical practice
4:15-4:45 Federico Ferraris Composite vs. ceramic: Shade matching protocols and clinical workflows
4:45-5:00 SCAD Open Meeting
7:00-10:00 President’s Dinner & Award Ceremony

  Saturday, Oct 14

8:00-8:50 Irena Saler & Vincent Fehmer Management of white and pink esthetics - An interdisciplinary approach
8:50-9:15 Anja Zembic Ceramic implant abutments- Esthetic benefit or clinical risk?
9:20-9:50 Stephen Westland Colour appearance in dentistry and its measurement
9:50-10:30 Break, Poster viewing
10:30-11:00 Joe Ontiveros Tooth whitening efficacy: monitoring and interpreting.
11:00-11:30 Sascha Hein eLABor_aid® - capture, calibrate & create!
11:30-12:00 Peter Pizzi Nature, light and design for ceramic communication
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:45 Iñaki Gamborena Paradigm shift in implant dentistry : The importance of soft tissue grafting
(Sponsored by Nobel Biocare)
1:50-2:50 Edward McLaren & Nathaniel Lawson Cubic zirconia: Esthetic potential, physical properties, and effect of firing conditions on translucency
2:50-3:00 Closing Ceremony