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SCAD 2023 Annual Conference

SCAD 14th annual conference will take place on Nov 10-11, 2023 in Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile

Minimally invasive & digital protocols for maximized esthetics. A team approach

Invited presenters:

Markus B. Blatz • Marcio Breda • Marcelo Calamita • Miles Cone • Julian Conejo • Ronaldo Hirata • Anja Lieberman • Patrycja Mialkowska • Adam Mieleszko • Amelie Mainjot • Francesco Mintrone • Miguel Ortiz • Peter Pizzi • Eliseo Sammarco • Giovanni Sammarco • Marcos Vargas • Javier Vasquez

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Ask the Expert a question about color

Ask the expert

Answers to questions regarding color or appearance in dentistry by a panel of experts which include Drs. John Powers, William Johnston, Edward Swift and Stephen Westland.

The Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry (SCAD) was founded in 2008 as a consortium of dental professionals and other experts interested in this area of aesthetic dentistry specifically related to scientific investigation and application of color and appearance in dentistry. The SCAD goals are as follows:

  • To serve as a uniting force in the profession by promoting and fostering greater awareness for color and appearance in dentistry;
  • To advance multidisciplinary collaboration and discovery among industrial and institutional researchers, clinicians, laboratory technicians and others with an interest in color and appearance in dentistry;
  • To create and implement educational and training programs on color and appearance for dental professionals and students;
  • To promote dental health for the general public through the advanced art and science of color and appearance in dentistry.


SCAD Statement on Ukraine

SCAD is gravely concerned by the war in Ukraine, the resulting humanitarian crisis, the refugee crisis in surrounding countries, and the senseless loss of life. War is by definition an anathema to SCAD’s Mission and core values. SCAD stands in solidarity with so many around the world in calling for an immediate end to this war.

For those that are able, Project Hope is accepting donations to help deliver medicine, supplies, and aid to families in Ukraine. The International Committee of the Red Cross—together with its partners in the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement—is also responding to urgent humanitarian needs in Ukraine. Of course, there are many other charitable organizations addressing the humanitarian crisis, so please check reputable charities in your country, if you are in a position to donate. 

Adapted from https://www.estheticacademy.org/