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"What a wonderfully successful meeting...the scientific presentations were first class and as you saw...I made so many notes that it will take me weeks just to get through them!!"

Ronald E. Goldstein DDS

"Once again the Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry held a successful and noteworthy annual meeting with high caliber speakers and an outstanding program. Many of the presentations exhibited possibilities of achieving the highest levels of natural reconstruction, demonstrating the gap between average treatment and the highest levels of dental care. Hopefully future SCAD conferences will continue to narrow the gap by augmenting and complementing conventional educational curricula with the latest information on color and creation of good oral appearance."

Dan Nathanson DMD, MSD

"The SCAD meeting in Newport Beach has been a highly enjoyable experience, not only from the perspective of being a speaker but also attending presentations from colleagues around the world with very high professional standards and rich scientific foundations. Congratulations to SCAD for its second year."

Pascal Magne, DDS, PhD

"This was a most impressive program with an eclectic and inspiring mix of scientists and clinicians presenting their most recent material. We left the meeting with a deeper understanding of some specific aspects and enthused to push the quality of our dentistry even further."

Markus B. Blatz DMD, PhD

"I really enjoyed the meeting, the opportunity to be part of the program, and the opportunity to visit with so many well known experts in their fields."

Charles J. Goodacre, DDS, MSD

"It was another great meeting. Some of the slide shows were spectacular – combination of great information, great images, and great presentation style."

Edward J. Swift DMD, MS

"The ambient of the meeting was professional and also familiar. The exchange of knowledge without any "cultural borders" was a great experience to me! Continue on this way and your event will be a key event in national and international dental calendars."

Alessandro Devigus DMD