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Francisco H. Imai, PhD

Friday, October 19

Spectral-based Imaging and Application for Aesthetics Dentistry

Lecture Description: 

The current RGB imaging paradigm does neither provide physical accurate capture nor represent appearance accurately. Spectral-based imaging has the ability to capture physical properties that is the basis of building a system that can be applied for aesthetics dentistry.


• Convey limitations of current imaging systems and provide solutions using spectral-based imaging for aesthetics dentistry.

About presenter: 

Francisco Imai is a color imaging researcher whose interests include computational color photography, computer vision and spectral imaging. He has authored or coauthored 2 book chapters, 15 peer-reviewed journal papers, 46 conference papers, and 38 granted patents on imaging topics ranging from color appearance, spectral imaging and printing, high-dynamic range imaging (HDRI), computational color imaging, computer vision for consumer, industrial and biomedical applications. Dr. Imai received his Ph.D. in imaging science from Chiba University (Japan) and worked first in academia at Rochester Institute of Technology working on spectral imaging research and after working at Pixim Inc., a start-up company in the field of High-Dynamic Range Imaging, he joined Samsung R&D, and Canon U.S.A. Inc. he currently works for Apple Inc. as Color Imaging Fellow.