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Bobby Williams, CDT

Saturday, October 20

Vision of Today in Dentistry Clinical Partnerships and the Fusion of “Hand made” with Technology

Lecture Description: 

The need for a harmonious partnership between the technician and the dentist is now more evident than ever. This presentation will dive into the mechanisms from case diagnosis, treatment planning, color communication, case fabrication to completion. Clinical cases will be presented to illustrate the process.


• To address the necessity of a partnership between the Technician and the Clinician in case diagnosis, treatment planning, etc...
• To address the technology aspect vs. the hand made aspect. There needs to be a symbiotic relationship between the two to be successful today.

About presenter: 

Bobby Williams is a graduate of the Kois Cen- ter and attended the University of Oklahoma and followed his undergraduate studies with a dental laboratory technical school in Dallas, TX. He has over twenty five years of experience as a lab technician and owner. He has owned and operated, for the last sixteen years, a very active, high-quality, all-ceramic laboratory, Synergy Ceramics, that specializes in cosmetic restorations from single tooth to full-mouth reconstruction. Bobby is also a founder of Techsource Dental, an Authorized Lava Milling Center and Atlantis Custom Abutment specialist, for the last fourteen years. He is a senior member of Claude Sieber’s “Art & Experience”. He lectures and teaches courses internationally on Patient Specific Abutments, Implants, porcelain and indirect composites for Atlantis Patient Spe- cific Abutments, Dentsply Implants, 3M ESPE and Vita North America.