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Telmo Santos

Friday, September 9th, 2022

Natural tooth color effect on monolithic materials using stains, texture and polishing

Lecture Description: 

Monolithic materials - CAD/CAM - Optimized Chairside . With the incredible development of dentistry in recent years, monolithic materials have been presenting themselves as an efficient, fast and safe option. It does not matter the type or brand used by each professional of these materials, but how to extract from them in the best possible way, natural effects optimizing time and cost. Monolithic materials are less prone to rrors, work very well, and have extensive scientific documentation. The most important benefit to professionals and patients: standardization of quality, naturalness in health and dental aesthetics.

About presenter: 

Telmo Santos is Brazilian, Dental Technician, Digital Oral Design, 17 years producing works in CAD/CAM, but always adding his personal touch to his digital restorations. Based in Miami since September 2021 - Head of the Miamidentis4u Lab, he also customizes his work at the MiamiDentist4U clinic, focused on the individualization of monolithic anterior teeth.